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Social Influencer Program

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Social Influencer Program

Join ECA's Social Influencer Program and become a year-round advocate for the industry!

Share and engage with ECA’s advocacy-related posts on social media to educate your network, the general public, and policymakers on important issues that impact the face-to-face business events industry.

How will the ECA influencer program help you?

  • Show your network and policymakers how what happens in Washington, DC and state capitals nationwide impacts the face-to-face business events industry.
  • Establish yourself as an industry expert and thought leader on ECA’s public policy priorities and the industry’s advocacy agenda.
  • Help advance public policies that will benefit your organizations and the broader business events industry.

Why it matters:

Business events help drive economic growth, support job creation, and empower small businesses across the U.S. Lawmakers and their staff use social media daily to stay up to date on current events, gauge public sentiment on important issues, and engage with their constituents. Advocating for our industry online will not only help educate lawmakers, but it will also ensure that industry stakeholders and the general public fully understands the issues that we face and how the work we do drives the industry and country forward.

You can make a difference! By becoming an ECA influencer and making your voice heard on issues that impact our industry, you can make a direct impact on policy discussions and help advance our work on Capitol Hill and nationwide.


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